Vaginal Birth
Dr Danie Schneider
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Somerset West

Vaginal Birth

Vaginal delivery is the birth of a baby by way of the vagina. This is a completely natural and normal process, and intervention by your doctor occurs only if needed.

An obstetrician is trained to manage all eventualities that can occur during labour.

A successful vaginal delivery begins with comprehensive, personalised antenatal care conducted in a holistic manner. The birthing process begins with labour, which is different for every woman. Vaginal delivery is recommended because of its significant health benefits for both you and your baby.

Did you know…?

Stellenbosch Mediclinic offers a baby- friendly environment and freedom of choice for mothers. You can choose your level of pain relief and an anaesthesiologist is available in-house 24 hours a day. There is a comprehensive theatre and neonatal facilities as back-up. Whether you choose an unmedicated labour or an epidural, you will be supported all the way through your labour.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I am a candidate for a normal delivery?

Usually this question is settled only during the last month of your pregnancy, when it is clear that you have had a healthy pregnancy free of major complications. Thorough antenatal care should identify any problems that could impact negatively on your chances of having a normal delivery.

What should I do to prepare for labour?

Many women elect to take childbirth classes to prepare themselves (and often their partners too) for the miracle of childbirth. Regular antenatal check-ups conducted in a holistic manner will cover uncertainties and eventualities. Enquire about the labour ward tours that MediClinic offer free of charge. Keep in mind that you can’t control every aspect of your labour and the delivery of your baby and stay flexible.